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Now you’ve spent time and money choosing the best caravan for you, it’s important to protect your investment.

Regular servicing and repairs are vital for your safety and peace of mind and Caravan Planet offers top quality and comprehensive aftercare.

Our fully trained and experienced professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and the finest products at Christchurch's largest premier retailer & service and repair centre to keep your caravan in first-class condition.

As well as importing handpicked caravans and offering service and repairs, our service department can Self Contain your caravan to meet New Zealand self-containment standards.



The NZMCA work tirelessly for the benefit of caravan and motorhome owners.


What it involves on your caravan?


We have to replace and re-route most of the waste water pipes under the van, fitting waste traps and observing the diameters and max run a pipe can be. We take these pipes to a point on the off side of the caravan and route them into a lockable ball valve. Next, we modify your roll away waste tank with breathers and close off ball valves (see pic) the tank then connects to the caravan via a flexible hose.

Doing it this way means we can usually SC the van for 4 people, any more than that and you need to take additional water capacity.

We generally don’t install permanent gray water tanks for a number of reasons:

  1. When you pitch up you will often have an awning up and it then doesn’t make it very easy to take your caravan to the dump station to empty the tank.

  2. It is not easy to empty the tank on your pitch as the tank outlet is close to the ground so getting the water to run into a suitable container is not easy – I know this from experience...

  3. Caravans have a carrying capacity of around 250 kg which is usually taken up with all the things you load into the caravan so having a full say 100L water tank (Fresh or waste) is more than likely going to overload your max load rating.


Please ask for a quote to self-containment.

This doesn’t include membership of the association you can join here:

Solar Installation set-up

If you are planning on freedom camping then it’s all well and good self-containing the waste water but what will you do in 2-3 days when your battery starts to run low?

You may say “I have a generator” but who wants to listen to your genny chugging away?

Having a solar setup takes away the need for a cumbersome generator and it will also keep your battery topped up all year round we install the panel on the roof and the controller is tucked away near the battery so really once its fitted there is not much else to do.

We can of course add a bigger panel or even 2x smaller ones wired in parallel, it might also be worthwhile adding a 2nd battery to take storage capacity up.

Their expertise is available six days a week, Monday to Saturday.


Our team is passionate and dedicated to provide you with the best quality service to ensure your camping days are hassle and worry free.


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