What size caravan would suit me?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

There isn’t really any rule of thumb relating to size and weight of a caravan. A small caravan packed to the gunnels with kit could be heavier than a larger, possibly older, caravan. Newer models have become heavier over the years. Nearly all caravans today over 3 metres long (10ft) have a toilet room, only shorter ones not having the necessary space to include one. If you’re only going to be on sites where toilets are provided, this is less important, but if you will be staying on sites such as Certificated Locations, then the Caravan Code requires that you have your own facilities.

It makes sense to tow the shortest, lightest caravan that suits your needs. Consider getting a compact caravan and buying an awning for it. You’ll still have enough space and you could buy a 4 metre (13 ft) caravan with an awning for considerably less money than a 5 metre (17 ft) caravan. Attached to the side of your caravan, which has an ‘awning channel’ built in, you can use it for extra dining space, as an additional room for children or visitors to sleep, or a place for you to sit out on hot summer nights when the kids have gone to bed. Consider too that a long caravan will be more awkward to manoeuvre into gateways or drives,and sometimes more difficult to park on and off site, and to store too.

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