What can I carry in my caravan?

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

When choosing a caravan, check the amount you can carry in the caravan (payload allowance) in the handbook. With older caravans prior to the mid 1990’s the quoted weight has a 5% tolerance, officially plus or minus, but in practice always plus!

From 1999 all caravans are built to a European Standard and you’ll find the following information in the user’s handbook. The term ‘mass’ means the weight: The maximum permissible laden mass (MTPLM) - previously known as MAW - in kilograms The mass in running order (MIRO), in kilograms The maximum user payload (MTLPLM minus MIRO) in kilograms The weight of the essential habitation equipment for the caravan, in kilograms.

There are rough guides as to how much weight is allowed for such items as crockery, utensils and clothing, plus the average weights of the usual necessities. Cassette toilets and spare wheels may be included in the quoted MIRO weight, or may be part of a ‘special package’ which will reduce the quoted payload.

It is very easy to accidentally exceed the MTPLM of a caravan. This may cause premature tyre failure, and damage the running gear. the amount of payload offered with a caravan is therefore an important consideration. Caravan Planet recommends that you take your laden caravan to a weighbridge to ensure you are not exceeding the MTPLM/MAW.

*lbs are approximate (to convert kg to lb, multiply by 2.2) Note: It is not recommended to travel with water container or toilet full

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