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Consider the location of the food preparation and cooking area. Check that the worktop and sink are at a comfortable height and that people can get past easily without bumping into the cook!

Kitchen Matters | Caravan Planet

Do the cupboard and toilet room doors open without interfering with cooking? Is the doorway completely clear all the time for rapid exit in case of fire and is there adequate ventilation near the cooker? The kitchen in a modern caravan or motorhome is usually a masterpiece of space utilisation. You’d be staggered by the amount of kit that can be fitted into them, and by how easy they are to use.

They can be arranged in one line, split across an aisle, or L-shaped. There will be kitchen units above the work surfaces, a proper, sometimes dual fuel, cooker with hob and oven, possibly a microwave as well as fridge, and a sink with a mixer tap.

End kitchens allow more room to move around in the main living area, but the doorway can be obstructed when the kitchen is in use. However, the main door will help with ventilation and the rear window allows unobstructed vision when towing.

A kitchen at the rear can mean balance is worse, but a little thought when loading, with particular attention to noseweight, is all that’s needed. Too much weight at the back of the trailer can cause 'tail-wag’.

Corner kitchens offer loads of work surfaces and allow more space in the living area.

Side kitchens are most popular but can create congestion from people trying to get past the cook or when they’re getting to the washroom if it’s opposite the kitchen. They also may not offer much work surface. Once more, your budget may dictate your options.

Check if there’s enough storage space for your needs. Is there a shelf deep enough to take a large packet of breakfast cereal? Do you have to stoop down to get at food or crockery and are there enough drawers? Do all cupboard and drawer catches really hold shut when travelling?

Summing up

Have a look at some typical layouts at our dealership and try to imagine yourself using them on a daily basis. You’ll soon get a good idea of what’s practical for your lifestyle, while suiting your budget.

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