Improving Your Caravan Security

For some people owning a caravan is like owning a second home. Now imagine if someone stole your home! It is not a nice feeling. But don’t worry; if you follow these tips and purchase some amazing accessories you can make your caravan an impenetrable fortress.

You can have a lovely time, however if you are safe in the knowledge that your caravan in baby proof you will surely be able to relax a little more. The first thing to ensure is that you have a working fire alarm and a CO2 detector (if you use gas). These aren’t really specific to babies and will make your caravan safer for everyone but they are essential if you are spending time with your baby in the caravan.

The first thing to think of is the basics. Most caravan door locks aren’t designed for security purposes. Any thief could bust open most caravan doors and have their pick of your possessions, but there are special locks that you can buy to prevent this. The first thing to remember is that where possible it is best to leave your caravan empty. However it is always a good idea to get a decent lock on your door for extra security.

It's possible to improve the security of the existing lock by changing the barrel of the lock for one that requires a special key. This makes it very hard to pick but will not stop a determined thief and it is wise to pop into your local D.I.Y store and get yourself a solid metal lock that is easy to install but very hard to break into.

Now some thieves may not want to plunder your beloved campervan, some may just want to steal the entire thing. The first step to stopping this from happening is to buy and use a wheel clamp. A lot of caravan owners are using these now a days, but not everyone. They are not too expensive and are a real deterrent to pesky thieves who want to make away with your holiday home.

When on a caravanning holiday it is also advised to purchase a brilliant little piece of equipment called a hitch lock. This ingenious device attaches to, and prevents the removal of the towing hitch bolts. This means that no one can hook onto your hitch or replace it in order to tow it away.

Steady locks on the legs of the caravan are another fantastic addition. If the steady legs are locked in the downward position then it is practically impossible to tow the van away. The beauty of steady locks is in the simplicity. They are quick and easy to fit and take up very little room, which makes them ideal for use when away from home. Although steady locks don't prevent the steadies being wound up manually by a monkey wrench directly on the bar, it is a deterrent as this is a very tedious and long-winded process that most thieves would not even consider.

A lot of caravan owners across the country have opted for a security post in their drive.

These are excellent as they can be unlocked and dropped out of the way when you need to remove your caravan, however once locked in place they are hard for a thief to remove.

Alarm systems are a good addition and some caravans do come fitted with suitable devices. If you are fitting your own it is wise to remember that most thieves will know where alarm boxes are usually placed and will be able to rip them out as soon as they begin to sound. So be cunning when you fit your own. The best place is inside your bed box (beneath your bed), and under a plastic box that is screwed to the floor. This will make it a gruelling task to gain access to your security system.

The final thing to think about is a tracking device. Now this will play no part in preventing your caravan from being stolen, but once it is it will play a huge part in getting it back. These are quite expensive and sometimes require an annual fee to be paid but they have an impressive success rate.

Caravanning is a great way to spend your time off; however it is impossible to enjoy it without your caravan.

Don’t let the thieves win: make your caravan an impenetrable fortress!

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